My Story

Hello,my name is Brian Bendlock
born in 1973, in the Cleveland, Ohio area and this is my story.

Photography is my passion. I started out by just fooling around in Photo Shop in High School. A class I was not even signed up for but nonetheless fell in love with it.

As a small boy, my father introduced me to the "Great Outdoors". Together we took upon adventures as we hiked, fished and even hunted. These adventures opened my heart to my passion and love of Nature's Majestic Beauty.

Nature's Majestic Beauty has made a significant change in my life. Through the years I have enjoyed many different aspets of Photography. Landscape photography is just where I began my journey.

Now, years later I am becoming they most versatile Photographer around.  Portrait Photography has tought me so much about Love and Beauty. Being able to captue lifes precious memories and seeing the smiles and tears of happines as they look upon my finished work is true Beauty.

 Through my lens I am now able to share the Beauty of Mother Nature with you.


I hope you enjoy. .

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